Holidays House Centro Salvador Allende

Bibbona, Tuscany

Centro Salvador Allende

The CENTER SALVADOR ALLENDE, holiday home in Marina di Bibbona, is made up of four towers, one with a large dining room, located in the beautiful coast pine forest directly connected to the private beach without ever leaving the hotel. All our rooms are en suite. The Center is easy to use even for those who have mobility problems as the absence of architectural barriers and the use of runners on the beach allow movement within the structure in total autonomy. Our structure to its conformation is ideal for families with children. An excursion in the Pinewood which runs parallel to the coast is ideal for hot summer days and sultry. La Pineta Bibbona, authentic natural jewel of the place, covers about 430 hectares of land, ideal for organizing picnics fun or stroll in the streets, on foot, by bike, or on horseback, surrounded by the pleasant scent of pine trees. Inside are many well-organized host Campsites own fortunes in the shade of old trees that are the anticipation of the Maremma and where you can meet deer. La Magona is a 1635 hectares, full of natural trails and paths that connect the parks of Val di Cornia and the filler wooded areas. The forest is home to a protected Natural Biogenetic Reserve, in a context of Mediterranean with many spontaneous tree species.

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Centro Salvador Allende
VIa del Forte 2
Bibbona, Tuscany
Phone: +39 3311437934
Mobile Phone: +39 3311437934
Type: Holidays House
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