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taste and wines of bolgheri

taste and wines of bolgheri

Among the many products of Tuscany, we should remember, in this section, typical of those areas Bolgheri. They are well-known wines and Bolgheri Sassicaia, recognized throughout the world as fine wines, with aromas and velvety special organoleptic characteristics. Among these wines we want to appoint the most famous, Vermentino and Sassicaia, accompanied by a local products such as salami Italian alla cacciatora, Tuscan pecorino that has known since the period Etruscan and Tuscan bread typically silly. Also the same location is Vin Santo eye Pernice to taste with sweet typical, as cantucci. One of the most famous companies is the Estate Guado al Tasso, which was part of ancient feudal lands of about 4000 hectares, the current property covers an area of approximately 300 hectares of vineyard. Of proprità family Della Gherardesca was inherited by Carlotta Della Gherardesca Antinori, mother of the owner. Still the family is keeping S. Guido, which is connected to Bolgheri by a long avenue of cypresses.

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