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the middle ages to bolgheri

the middle ages to bolgheri

Bolgheri comes associated from always in the common memory famous the poet Giosuè Carducci , than it was moved here in 1839 when it had only four years. In fact the father Michele Carducci, doctor, operated in these zones during the periods of the frightful epidemics of tifo and here he remained for approximately ten years. But Bolgheri has one history the much most ancient one, with going back origins to the Medioeval age . The village has been formed, in fact, around the rocca of Gherardo of the Gerardesca , getlteman of lands of Fen, than it made it to construct towards the end of the 900 on the top of the cultivated hill to olive trees. The strategic position was excellent, water and firewood did not lack and the surrounding campaign was healthy. The geographic position and the wealth of the territory attracted before the interest of Florence that, in 1369, besieged the castle of Bolgheri subsequently and, in 1496, of Massimiliano of Asburgo, father of Filippo the Beautiful one. The Imperial ones of Massimiliano took the onslaught castle and slaughtered the survivors to the battle, comprised Arrigo of the Gherardesca. Of particular interest it turns out to be the castle of Bolgheri , situated to the term of along tree-lined avenue of the cypresses , little distant from the chiesina of S.Antonio. The castle, externally is covered with mattoni red $ . The building raises over one hoof of the type to shoe: the walls appear scandite from monofore and double lancet windows. The coronamento is to merlons. On the skillful side , he is visible a high tower with to the center an acute arc that guarantees the access to the country; over of it e' placed a terracotta invetriata and polychrome of circular shape, that it brings along the edge ghirlanda of leaves and fruits and in the inner part arms of the accounts of Castagneto ( coat of arms of the Gherardesca ).

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