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The country of Donoratico, being of relatively recent constitution, represents the more modern locality and lived of the Common one of Castagneto Carducci and it does not introduce historical-architectonic attractions. Although that the origin of its name is much ancient one: in fact already in the Middle Ages an imposing existed in these lands castle that had the name of "Castle of Donoratico"; of it some ruins of wall and the tower survive still, that it dominates from the high of a hill the below campaign. This ancient castle, risen on the previous takeovers Etruscans, probably around to the ninth century, was increased to excess in the centuries succeeded to you until becoming one of the most feared maremmane fortresses. In 1407 for Donoratico the first troubles began: before its immense territory was divided in two and then the great castle "was destroyed from the foundations" for vendetta a fiorentina against Fazzio of the Gherardeschi that, between the other, of was not not even owner (the "Gherardeschi", of origin Lombard, boasted, between the others, the title consortile it of "Accounts of Donoratico"). Probably with to it the great monastery of Saint Colombano was destroyed also that rose to the feet of its hill. To approximately three hundred meters, hidden from the scrub, they make beautiful extension of himself the "holes of the saracine", splendid tomb Etruscan carved in the cliff and conserved still intact in their original structure. The tower is accessible to all, while the tomb Etruscan because not situated in a fenced forest of private property.

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