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the castagnetana campaign

the castagnetana campaign

The campaign castagnetana has discovered in recent years, almost by chance, they become the capital of tourism outdoors. Even
cycling have elected " capital pedal ": little traffic, a great variety of routes and pleasant climate all year round. In the ranking of most livable resorts, drawn by Legambiente, Castagneto Carducci was the first in Tuscany and the third world for six times in ten years ultuimi Castagneto Carducci was Blue Flag , recognition EEC attributed to the seaside resorts with the services more efficient and cleaner sea.
Even if the territory is rich in pieces from the Etruscan-Roman , the name of Castagneto appeared for the first time in the donation of goods to the monastery of St. Peter in Monteverdi drafted on July 6 754 AD By Walfredo of Ratcauso.
The name derives from " castaneam " and it is linked to local resources. And 'however strange that today the area is a small chestnut and that nutrition-based chestnuts and' always been uncommon. The most plausible explanation is that the chestnut was used not for its fruit , but as timber from coal and steel oven.

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