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In it classifies of the tourist localities more vivibili, stilata from the Legambiente, Castagneto Carducci has turned out before in Tuscany and third to world-wide level; in order very six times in ultuimi the ten years Castagneto Carducci have been Blue Flag , acknowledgment attributed from the EEC to the bathing localities with the more efficient services and the cleaned up sea more. Even if the territory is rich of reperti of the Etruscan-Romanesque age , the name of Castagneto appeared for before the time in the action of donation of the assets to the monastero of Saint Peter to the 6 written up Monteverdi July 754 d.C. from Walfredo di Ratcauso. The toponimo it derives give " castaneam " and it is therefore legacy to the local resources. Strange E' but the fact that today the surface to chestnut tree is meager and that also the feeding made up of chestnuts e' always be little diffused. The more reasonable explanation is that the chestnut tree was used for its does not yield , but like lumber from coal and iron and steel furnace. Castagneto is the place of the Communal territory more anciently cited, but not if of it they know the territorial limits, neither it is known like centuries after ricomparve between the possedimenti of Conti di Donoratico . The population was always in fight with Of the Gherardesca for the enjoyment of the civic uses. In a 1778 sentence it assigned to the property of the territory to Conti and the civic uses to the castagnetani; in 1788 to the population for before the time the property was only granted land. In the years succeeded you the contrasts however were sharpened to the point that in 1847 burst one turned total that convinced the Granduca Leopoldo II to grant "presaddlebacks" and other smaller rivendicazioni. On the urbanistico plan, Castagneto, next to some old or new privates property, in part you consolidate to aim 700, extended its inhabited before in the outskirtses of the mythical village, then in the below zones of the Gardens, Fontanelle, Costia to the Almonds tree, the Cottage and the Biancuccio. In as far as the name the ancient county it remained with the time "EARTH GHERARDESCA", become simpler in "the GHERARDESCA". But to the inside of it they had taken to consistency community small: Bolgheri, Donoratico, Castagneto, than Florence in 1406 it had constituted in Common independent. After the unit of Italy, the country by now is definitively christened with the name of Marine Castagneto in place of the old "Community Of the Gherardesca".

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